Binny's Tasting Panel


Binny’s Wine Tasting Panel


Our Binny’s Tasting Panel meets regularly to taste a selection of wines blind. From our favorite Champagnes to how we’d spend $20, we aim to cover a variety of themes so you can trust your purchase is based on our unbiased, objective assessments. When it comes to wine tasting, flying blind opens a lot eyes. Each panelist is selected for their experience and tasting ability for that particular theme. Wines are always poured blind. Panelists take their notes and score each wine before discussing with the group and making a final selection together.

We challenge ourselves to reject all conventional wisdom, tasting for quality without regard for reputation. The results are enlightening, sometimes surprising, and in our minds represent Binny’s Beverage Depot’s 75-year commitment to accountability to our customers.

The Tasting Panel is chaired by our Wine Educator, Alicia Barrett, DipWSET.

Shop our recommendations below or look for the Tasting Panel Binny's Certified Winner endorsements on our shelves.


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