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  • Confessions of a Mixologist: Cold Fashioned
    Confessions of a Mixologist: Cold Fashioned

    Cold brew coffee is all the rage right now, so it's only natural that it would find its way into the world of spirits. The Cold Fashioned is a new twist on a classic cocktail. Roasty and chocolately coffee notes, spicy rye and a hint of citrus. Great with brunch or at dinner, it'll wake you up or keep you going.

  • Barrel to Bottle: Mezcal
    Barrel to Bottle: Mezcal

    Mezcal, it's not smoky tequila with a worm in the bottle. On this special Whiskey Hotline & Friends edition of Barrel to Bottle, Pat, Brett and friend-of-the-pod Monique Houston are going to help demystify mezcal. 

  • Barrel to Bottle: Cabernet Around the World
    Barrel to Bottle: Cabernet Around the World
    There's more to Cabernet than Napa and France. Jason Palma steps back into the Barrel to Bottle studios for a Cabernet world tour. Cabernet is grown on six continents and each one has it's own unique flavors and aromas.
  • Beer Buzz: Liberty Sandwich
    Beer Buzz: Liberty Sandwich

    Liberty Sandwich? Chances are you've had one of these deliciously fluffy and nutty sandwiches, you just knew it by a different name. Marshmallow crème hit the market during World War I and the combo of spreadable marshmallow and peanut butter between two slices of bread was dubbed the Liberty Sandwich. In the 1960’s a group of marketing ad-wizards renamed it the Fluffernutter. Beloved in its home state of Massachusetts, this tasty treat quickly spread across the country, inspiring a slew of similar tasting desserts.       

  • Barrel to Bottle: Barrel-Aged Beer Blind
    Barrel to Bottle: Barrel-Aged Beer Blind
    Barrel-aged beers are still a hot commodity, but Roger is here to show that you don't have to wait in a long line, or pay a lot for a high quality barrel-aged beer. Breweries are also moving beyond traditional bourbon barrels and aging beer in a variety of different spirits barrels. Also a listener Q&A that isn't really a Q&A but proves Pat was wrong. 
  • Whiskey Hotline: Celebrating Bottled-in-Bond on Leap Day
    Whiskey Hotline: Celebrating Bottled-in-Bond on Leap Day

    Once every 4 years we get an extra day to enjoy whiskey. So, which do we choose? Keeping with the 4-year theme we’re reaching for a bottle of our favorite bottled-in-bond whiskey. In true American fashion the Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897 was one of our nation’s first food safety laws, ensuring that the consumer would get unadulterated whiskey. It dictates that the whiskey must be made by a single distiller, at a single distillery, in a single distilling season and aged at LEAST 4 years and bottled at 100 proof. Here’s the Whiskey Hotline’s top BiB picks to toast with on Leap Day.  

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