Bordeaux Wine Futures


Purchasing Bordeaux wine futures allows you to reserve your allocation well in advance of the physical release of these world-class wines usually at lower prices than final retail. It also allows you to special order larger or smaller sized bottles. Wines usually arrive 2-3 years after the initial futures offer. If you have questions, please email or speak to the Wine Manager at your local Binny’s Beverage Depot location.

Learn more about the 2022 Bordeaux Vintage


375ml, 1.5L & 3L bottles are available by request on most 2022 vintage wines. Please contact for pricing & availability.

In 2022, nuances of vineyard sites, resilience of the vines, and the intricacies of winemaking are all on display in the wines of this very hot and dry year. Some Chateaux made remarkable wines, achieving freshness, aromatic intensity, and fine, balanced tannins, despite the difficult conditions. For others, the numerous heat waves got the best of the wine. While the vintage was far from homogenous, the best wines are of remarkable quality and should not be missed.