Firestone Walker's Matt Brynildson - Barrel to Bottle Welcomes A Craft Beer Legend

Firestone Walker’s Matt Brynildson is a legend in the brewing community. Roger is a big fanboy but this won’t be an episode of the Chris Farley Show. Not only is Matt an award-winning brewer, he’s a hop evangelist.

This week on Barrel to Bottle we’re talking brewing and hops with a craft beer icon, as well as sampling Firestone classics and new releases.

Firestone Walker Pivo Pils – Craft lagers are always a challenge, but Roger loves Pivo and a lot of other people do as well. It was modeled after Tipopils, the famous Italian-made pilsner. And now Italian-Style Pilsners are all the rage.

Firestone Walker No Vacancy – Every year Firestone Walker hosts their invitational with 65 breweries from around the world. This beer was a collab with Alvarado Street for the festival. It’s a “new age” West Coast IPA, because there is some haze and a lighter mouthfeel but it’s got some bitterness also.  

Firestone Walker Double Hopnosis – Firestone has dipped their toes into the Cold IPA scene. So what are Cold IPAs? They’re brewed with lager yeast at colder temperatures, although his one specifically is brewed just slightly colder than ale temperature. IPL doesn’t sound great to consumers, but Cold IPA does.

Firestone Walker Cali Squeeze Blood Orange – David Walker has been asking Matt to make a fruit beer for years and he kept saying no. So David bought the Cali Squeeze brand and dropped it in Matt’s lap. They’re making these with juice from California-grown fruits.

Firestone Walker Double DBA Batch 10,000 - This amped up version of DBA was brewed to commemorate the 10,000 batch brewed at Firestone Walker. It was aged in 11-year-old Old Fitzgerald barrels. 

Firestone Walker Double DBA 2012 - Roger pulled this one from his personal stash and it's not surprising that it's holding up quite well after 11 years. 

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