Barrel to Bottle: Gregory Hall, Man of Many Apple Tattoos

How do you follow up Bourbon County Stout? For Gregory Hall, son of Goose Island founder John Hall, it started nearly 20 years ago during a trip to England. Ciders became a passion, but they took a backseat to the barrel-aged beer phenomenon. After leaving Goose Island, Greg founded Virtue Cider in 2011 and began producing some of our bestselling ciders from the heart of Michigan apple country. Join the Barrel to Bottle crew as they taste Virtue Michigan Brut, and Virtue Rosé. Stick around for the Q&A segment, when the Barrel to Bottle Team (and Greg Hall!) share their favorite beers ever.


Greg Hall Bonus Episode

Sometimes at Barrel to Bottle there's just too much good stuff for one episode. When you get someone like Greg Hall into the podcast studio, it's hard to stop asking him questions.


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