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Dry January 2023 - Barrel to Bottle Has the Latest in Non-Alc

Not only are there more options for Dry January, but they're better than they've ever been. The Barrel to Bottle crew runs through the best of NA beer, wine and spirits.
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Binny's Home Bartender: Martini & Rossi NAperitivo

When six o’clock rolls around many Italians have their hearts firmly set on a leisurely cocktail and maybe a nibble or two before dinner. It’s Aperitivo time and most will opt for something a bitter cocktail to stimulate their appetites. But what are devotees of the cocktail hour, the ranks of which include countless Americans, to do during Dry January?
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Binny's Home Bartender: Ferdinand's Matador

The original Matador cocktail called for Tequila, Orange Curacao, and French Vermouth. “Trader” Vic Bergeron created his own version in the early seventies throwing pineapple and lime juice into the mix. These are just the two most famous Matadors but certainly not the only ones. Today, in keeping with the growing trend of “Dry January” we humbly submit our spicy nonalcoholic version to be added to list.
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Barrel to Bottle: Non-Alcoholic Options

It's been about a year since the Barrel to Bottle Crew tackled non-alcoholic beverages. We decided to revisit the topic though, because the category has blown up since then.
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Barrel to Bottle: Dry January

Are you doing Drynuary? Dry January? Non-Alc New Year? Whatever you call it, there are many reasons our customers seek out non-alcoholic offerings.
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