What's New in Beer? - Barrel to Bottle Samples the Latest Lagers, In-Fashion IPAs, Current Collabs and More

What’s new in beer? New bottles and cans are constantly showing up on our shelves, so it can be difficult to keep track of everything. Fatigue is certainly setting in because of the pervasiveness of certain styles. Luckily some brewers are stepping up to resurrect forgotten styles and put new spins on existing ones. Roger is here with a slew of new (and two old) brews to try from some of our favorite breweries.

More Pub Ale – Pub ales are back! Seriously. English milds and bitters have a bit of a PR problem. “Pub Ale” is the new term for these English-inspired ales. It’s a very drinkable beer but at 5.5% it’s more of an American Session beer.

Maplewood Country Mile – Roger brought proof that pub ales are back because we’re trying two today. It’s lower in alcohol, but it has a richer malt bill.

Maplewood My Cousin Binny Vol. 2 – Our second My Cousin Binny collab with Maplewood is again a tribute to Southern Hemisphere hops, but this one is an unfiltered Zwickel lager.

More Morever – This is a double dry-hopped IPA made with one of the hops featured in My Cousin Binny vol. 2, along with Citra and Simcoe. It’s hazy but not heavy. It’s very crushable. It’s so juicy though.

Sierra Nevada Flipside Red IPA – A Red IPA? What year is it? Sierra Nevada has wisely started asking fans what beers they should bring back. Flipside is almost like a session barleywine. Greg loves it because it tastes like pine resin but it also has the malt to back it up.

Sierra Nevada Nooner Pilsner – This beer and Flipside are in a Fan Favorites Variety Pack. This beer shows the power of whole-cone hops. It’s so rare also get a beer made with whole cone German hops. It’s a crispy boy.

Off Color Beer for Bags – Once again Off Color thinks outside of the box and gets creative with another craft malt liquor.

Off Color Tour de Biere Radler – Off Color shares Roger’s passion for fruits, especially obscure fruits. This is called a radler, but drinks more like a low-alcohol sour. It also has salt, so it seems more like a gose.

Revolution Lucia – Revolution made a saison, but they used both classic saison yeast and Lithuanian farmhouse yeast. It was also brewed with some specialty malts from Sugar Creek Malt in Indiana.

Revolution Caramel Crisp collaboration with Garrett Popcorn – This one seems darker and richer than last year’s version of this beer. It has more caramel flavor, but it isn’t noticeably sweeter.

Off Color Beer Prime Cut collaboration with Binny’s Beverage Depot – The original Beer for Burgers is Beer for Hell aged in bourbon barrels, then blended with fresh Beer for Hell. The collab is aged in some Whiskey Hotline Yellowstone Bourbon barrels. There isn’t a lot of this, so grab it while you can.  

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