Molti Altri Amari - Barrel to Bottle Drinks More Amaros

If it feels like we’ve done multiple episodes about amaro, it’s because we have a loud guy on the show who always has some amaro on him. It’s actually been almost four years since we had an entire episode dedicated to Pat’s favorite bitter Italian liqueur.

Last time we had twelve amari, and that was only scratching the surface. Roger is back, to have his taste buds tortured by these Italian bitter digestives.

Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto Liqueur – To Pat’s knowledge, this is the only Rosolio available in the US. Rosolios focus on one botanical and tend to be less bitter than other amari. Here, the botanical is bergamot so it’s going to be citrusy.

Cardamaro Vino Amaro – This amaro is made from cardoon, which is a thistle related to the artichoke. This is a mild, sweet starter amaro that mixes great. It reminds Roger of butterscotch candy rolled in salt.

Cappelletti Mazzura Aperitivo Bitter – We’re big fans of Cappelletti Aperitivo, a nice middle ground between Campari and Aperol. This one is a little more bitter, but it’s also vegan friendly because they don’t use beetles to color it. Alpine amari, like Cappelletti, tend to be more herbal.

Matchbook Distilling Day Trip Strawberry Amaro – It starts with a strawberry jelly/candy but then it gets really bitter.

Caffo del Capo Amaro – This Calabrese amaro is one of the best sellers in Italy. It’s a popular summer drink, served over mountains of crushed ice.

Paolucci Amaro Cio Ciaro – Named after the ethnic sandals on the label, this is one of Pat’s favorites. David Wondrich, who Roger talks about way too much, says this is the closest thing he’s had to the original Amer Picon. That was never available in the US and then it was reformulated. This is very easy-drinking and sweet, it has a lot of orange soda flavor.

Ramazzotti Amaro – This is a very popular mass market amaro, you see it a lot at bars and restaurants. It’s known for being anise-forward, but there’s also some chocolate and vanilla in there. It’s known for being sweeter and less bitter.

Fred Jerbis Amaro 16 – Pat is sure Roger won’t like this one. There are 16 botanicals in this one, hence the name. This uses Chinese rhubarb, which is always smoked when used. It’s a mild amaro though.

Nardini l’Amaro – There are only three botanicals in this: gentian root, bitter orange, and peppermint. This is a classic amaro.

Luxardo Amaro Abano – This is another amaro from Northern Italy, which means it’s pinier, usually with gentian root and orris root.

Francoli Antico Amaro Noveis -   This has a little of the resiny, sappy flavor of Elisir Novasalus, There’s also cocoa and coffee here.

Santa Maria Amaro – This is a fernet, which means it’s probably the most bitter of any distillers amari. It’s still not as bitter as Fernet Branca.    

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