Barrel to Bottle: The (Barrel to Bottle) Muppets Make Manhattans

Greg. Loves. Manhattans. That should be clear to most Barrel to Bottle listeners. Two years ago we did an episode called Vermouths and Manhattans where we tried a bunch of different vermouths and a few bitters, then we mixed up some Manhattans. The episode devolved into mixing and matching bitters and vermouths in whiskey.

We promised to follow that up with a bitters tasting and we’re finally getting around to it. Greg pulled nineteen bitters from our shelves, then batched up Manhattans in adorable mini Ball Jars. Each Manhattan is two parts whiskey and one part vermouth. They combine to make a relatively neutral, easy-going Manhattan that will allow the bitters to shine through more.  

Try your own Manhattan experiment at home:

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