Barrel to Bottle: #TryRye and More with Old Forester's Jackie Zykan

Old Forester is making a huge comeback, propelled by great new releases and the contributions of fresh blood including Master Taster Jackie Zykan. Jackie joins the Barrel to Bottle team to taste through some excellent bottles from Old Forester, including two now nearly unobtainable Binny's handpicks (a few bottles are still out there, so if you see one, buy it!) plus Old Fo's 1897 Bottled in Bond and their new 100 Proof Rye. Topics include tasting to a brand's profile, what is the mullet of bourbon whiskey, not being an ageist or a floorist, tasting flaws and blind spots and why having more or fewer taste buds don't specifically make you a better or worse taster. And stick around for the Q&A segment - this week the team gives away three $20 gift cards and answers your questions. #tryrye #oldfonotjustforoldfolks


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