Barrel to Bottle: Four Pillars Australian Gin

Joining us all the way from Down Under are Stu and Cam, co-founders of Australian gin distillery Four Pillars. After working in the Australian wine industry for about twenty years they decided that they could make a bigger impact in spirits. They landed on gin because they were drinking a lot of gin.

In the mid 2010s, they took a two-week road trip along America’s west coast visiting craft distilleries. It was St. George that inspired them to use native Australian botanicals in addition to traditional gin botanicals.

Because of Australia’s climate, they’re able to get citrus year-round and can also use whole oranges instead of the more traditional dried orange peels. They also use lemon myrtle and mountain pepper from Tasmania.

Four Pillars gins are juniper-forward, while featuring about a dozen native Australian botanicals. Their goal is to only make gin but make a wide enough range of gin that other spirits drinkers can find something to drink at their distillery.

Drink along at home with the following gins:

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