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Demo Kitchen Recipes: Christmas Goose

A crispy skinned roast goose is a long-standing Christmas tradition that has, sadly, gone by the wayside in the U.S. It’s a real pity since the succulent dark fleshed goose meat, coupled with the crunch of deeply browned skin remain as delicious as they have always been. Add a decadent Port sauce, amazingly savory goose fat roasted potatoes and a fruity, sweet, tart and spicy compote and you have a truly memorable meal. 
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Barrel to Bottle: Holiday Cocktails

Last year on our Batch Cocktails episode, Pat and Chris made big batches of eggnog and aged them for 12 months. Now it's time to try them and hopefully not get sick. Additionally, Roger has cooked up a really easy cranberry simple syrup and has three cocktails to try out.
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Beer Buzz: Holiday Favorites

Each year the number of Christmas beers continues to grow. Cold winter weather and decadent dinner parties have inspired everything from rich roasty porters and stouts, to spicy winter warmers and barleywines.
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