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Celebrate Malbec World Day Virtual Tasting

Join some of the best names from Argentina to celebrate Malbec World Day! From exuberant and friendly to seductive and age worthy, Malbec has many personalities.
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The Women of Binny's Explore Argentina

The Women of Binny's recently sat down with Veronica Kathuria from Wines of Argentina to explore that country's expansive world of wine. Over a multi-course pairing dinner, they learned more about the wines of Argentina and the women behind them.
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Barrel to Bottle: The Wines of Argentina

Join the Barrel to Bottle crew as we celebrate Malbec World Day and take a closer look at the wines of Argentina.
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Wines of Argentina Virtual Tasting

In anticipation of Malbec World Day on April 17th, join Binny's as we take a journey to Argentina to learn more about the country's flagship grape variety.
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Zuccardi Virtual Tasting

Binny's own Gabriel Z is talking with Sebastian Zuccardi about everything "mountain wine": the vineyards and the terroir that make Familia Zuccardi a leader in Argentine wine!
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Wines of Argentina

Freshness has become the theme of the moment throughout Argentina, resulting in wines that emphasize elegance, tension, natural acidity and lower alcohol.
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