Sauvignon Blanc

What is sauvignon blanc and how does it taste?

Originally from France, sauvignon blanc is the world's second most popular white wine varietal and grown wherever wine is made. Regardless of where it's grown, sauvignon blanc's bold fruit and herbal flavors shine through. Sauvignon blancs from cooler climates offer more citrus and orchard fruit flavors such as limes, grapefruits, and apricots. Those from warmer climates offer peaches and even pineapple flavors. You should always taste a fresh grassy note in a well-made example wherever it is from.

Where is sauvignon blanc grown?

Though it's grown wherever wine is made, certain countries and regions excel. France is famous for its sauvignon blancs. Those from New Zealand are extremely popular and offer good value. Chile is a great source for tasty examples at rock bottom prices. And California offers some of the ripest, most flavorful examples.

Some popular sauvignon blanc producers:
What food or dishes should you pair with sauvignon blanc?

Because of its bold and mouth watering flavors, a glass of sauvignon blanc is enjoyable on its own and a refreshing choice for a hot summer day. It will also shine with certain dishes. Its herbal notes make it a great wine to enjoy with salads. Its fruit flavors and lighter body make it a great glass to enjoy with chicken and seafood. And it's the perfect wine for vegetarians seeking something to enjoy with grilled vegetables - it's one of the few wines that pairs well with asparagus or artichokes.