Cabernet Franc

What is cabernet franc and how does it taste?

Cabernet franc is a French red wine varietal and, along with sauvignon blanc, a parent of cabernet sauvignon. It’s often blended with other Bordeaux varietals, adding a freshness and an aromatic allure to the whole. When bottled on its own, cabernet franc offers red and black cherries or raspberries infused with a telltale leafy savor. 

Where is cabernet franc grown?

You’ll find vines of cabernet franc wherever Bordeaux varietals are planted. The west coast of the United States, the state of New YorkArgentinaItaly, as well as Uruguay offer notable examples. Some Napa Cult Cabs and iconic Italian reds owe their renown to the alluring and exotic notes that cabernet franc brings to a blend. Two legendary Bordeaux wines from the Right Bank are made largely with cabernet franc. And north of Bordeaux is the Loire Valley, which is a prime source for iconic expressions of cabernet franc wines bottled on their own.

Some popular cabernet franc producers:
What food pairs well with cabernet franc?
Cabernet franc is among the most food friendly wines and will shine with a wide range of dishes. Its distinct savor calls for something just as savory, such as an herb-crusted pork or chicken dish. It also plays well with both salmon and tuna steaks. Its savory quality also allows cabernet franc to pair successfully with grilled or roasted green vegetables such as asparagus, broccoli, rapini, or artichokes. A fine Bordeaux blend that features cabernet franc demands something extravagant - lamb, duck, or some other feathered game.