"Brothers Daniel and Georges Daou’s deeply flavored, expressive,
polished wines...can stand toe-to-toe with the best that Napa has to offer...."
Josh Raynolds

Yes, you read that right, with the best that Napa has to offer! And due in no small part to brothers Daniel and Georges Daou. "Think of it like a Michelin three-star restaurant," writes Erin Brooks of The Wine Advocate, "no detail goes unnoticed, and no shortcuts are taken." But even they will say that credit rests largely with their Paso Robles vineyards - steep, high-altitude hillside vineyards blessed not only with sunny exposures. Their vineyards also enjoy super-rare limestone soils. Taken together, those advantages yield super dense reds bursting with bold yet fresh flavors that can stand shoulder to shoulder with anything from the Napa Valley. As today’s two bottles prove!