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Introducing Binny's Virtual Events! Join us on a screen of your choice to hear from some of our favorite producers, special guests and Binny's staff. You'll be notified in advance of our suggested wines, spirits or beer so you can taste along with us and ask questions. Follow @BinnysBev on Facebook and Instagram for more details!

Mezcal Mondays: Mezcal 201

Mezcal Mondays: Mezcal 201

Monday, September 21st | 5pm

How to read a mezcal label. If you’ve read that mezcal label closely, you’ve maybe seen words like “artesenal” and “ancestral.” What are the differences? And what’s a “pechuga”? This and more in this Mezcal 201 session.

DRINK ALONG: Cruz de Fuego Mezcal Espadin  |  400 Conejos Mezcal Espadin Joven

Facundo Rums with Bacardi Rum Global Ambassador David Cid

Facundo Rums with Bacardi Global Master of Rums David Cid

Wednesday, September 23rd | 5pm

Join the Whiskey Hotline and Bacardi Global Master of Rums David Cid for a tasting of the limited release, and previously Bacardi family only, Facundo rum line.

DRINK ALONG: Facundo Neo Silver Rum  |  Facundo Eximo Rum  |  Facundo Exquisito Rum  |  Facundo Paraiso X.A. Rum

Mezcal Mondays: Mezcal 301

Mezcal Mondays: Mezcal 301

Monday, September 28th | 5pm

The difference between mezcal and other agave spirits. Maybe someone told you that all tequilas are mezcal but not all mezcals are tequila. That was true in 1993 but not anymore, and that’s the first lesson of this Mezcal 301 session. Now that you understand tequila and mezcal, we take a step back for the broader view, to place the two expressions in the context of the other agave spirits.

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