Haut Medoc

The Haut-Médoc, legally divided from the Médoc in 1935, contains some of the most famed communes of Bordeaux, but the broader AOC should not be overlooked. The appellation stretches over 30 miles from just north of Saint-Estèphe to the suburbs of Bordeaux. Soils across the Haut-Médoc are largely gravel with some pockets of deep clay. Though varied, it contains some truly great terroir. It is a red wine appellation, and it can produce full-bodied, deeply colored, firmly structured wines with flavors of black fruit and spice. Cru classé wines can be aged for 6-15 years.  

 “And this is one of my real picks for appellations where the best value-for-your-money in Bordeaux is to be found, so taking the time to explore will be rewarded many times over.” - Jane Anson, Inside Bordeaux