Johnnie Walker Blue/Don Julio 1942 Bottle Engravings

Enjoy a complimentary Johnnie Walker Blue or Don Julio 1942 bottle engraving with your purchase.

Cool Beers for Hot Days

Stop by our July in-aisle tasting to try beers that we think are perfect to stock your cooler. Whether drinking by the pool or on the beach, these are sure to refresh!

Tour de France Wine Tasting

This summer marks the 111th running (biking!) of the world-famous Tour de France and for the first time ever Italy joins the Tour as the starting point for the race.  Celebrate with a selection of French and Italian wines along with an assortment of snacks in this walk-around event.

Summertime Brews

Have we got the cure for the summertime blues? Find out at our August in-aisle beer tasting!

Fall into September Beer Tasting

You might be looking forward to the beginning of the school year, football season, Oktoberfest, or just trying to hold onto a little bit of summer; our September in-aisle beer tasting has what you are looking for!

Talk Like a Pirate Day Celebration

What's a pirate's favorite letter? 'Tis the Sea. We're celebrating International Talk Like a Pirate Day with a bounty of beverages enjoyed by landlubbers and sea dogs alike.  Assorted snacks provided will be provided in this walk-around event.

*Event cancellation requests received 48 hours or more prior to an event will receive a full refund. Refunds for requests received less than 48 hours prior to an event cannot be guaranteed.