Lo-Cal Craft

What’s the hottest trend in craft? Low-cal and low-carb! Be it sessionable IPAs, fruity seltzers or a snappy ciders - the list continues to grow. Here are some of our favorites, as well as a few new creations. If you’re cutting down on calories and carbs, brewers and cider makers have upped their game and provided some remarkably flavorful options.

Seltzer Hard Cider

When it comes to hard cider, the most enduring misconception is that they’re all sweet. A close second is that hard cider is a type of beer. While it’s often packaged like beer, hard cider is essentially apple wine. It’s up to the cider maker to control the level of fermentation and if so desired, sweeten the cider before packaging. Sometimes they ferment it bone dry and leave it be. What you’re left with is refreshingly crisp and low-cal sparkler, made from apples.



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Barrel to Bottle: Lo-Cal Beers

Looking for low calorie beer options that still taste good? Roger has assembled 9 flavor-packed beers, ciders and hard waters from some well-known breweries, plus one surprising stalwart that has been making low-calorie, flavorful beer for decades.

Barrel to Bottle: Hard Seltzers with Joel Brower of Odd Side Ales

Barrel to Bottle: Hard Seltzers with Joel Brower of Odd Side Ales

At this point it's pretty obvious that hard seltzers are more than just a passing fad. One of the biggest questions we get at Binny's is "what are these things exactly?" Hard Seltzers can be made many different ways , as Odd Side Ales' plant manager Joel Brower explains to the Barrel to Bottle crew. After the interview, Roger, Pat and Chris sample through different brands and flavors of hard seltzer.