Have Your Dessert and Drink it Too!

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Mozart Chocolate Liqueur

750 ml Bottle

Make a chocolate martini or a boozy hot chocolate

Fine Austrian dark chocolate and decadently rich cocoa come together in this complex, deeply chocolatey liqueur, making it an essential ingredient for all manner of chocolatey cocktails. Especially the beloved chocolate martini. It’s a great addition to desserts, pairs well with both berries and citrus and is even delicious drizzled over vanilla ice cream, pecan pie or both. All Mozart flavors are on sale now!
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Clark & Sheffield 10-Year-Old Tawny Port

750 ml Bottle

The perfect complement to sweet potato, pumpkin or pecan pie

This is such an amazing deal in tawny port! It strikes a beautiful balance between cherry and red berry fruits, sweet baking spice and nutty, nougaty richness that it is a satisfying dessert all on its own. Yet pair it with sticky, toasty pecan pie or a creamy, cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice scented pumpkin pie and you will reach dessert heaven. You can even add a splash to your gravy or make delicious seasonal cocktails, as featured on Barrel to Bottle: the Binny’s Podcast.


Ceretto Moscato d'Asti Stefano 2022

750 ml Bottle

Try with apple pie or creme brulee

This fresh and fizzy moscato is the perfect wine for those looking for something sweet to sip all Thanksgiving Day long. It’s fruity and floral with a refreshing counterpoint of citrusy acidity. It makes an excellent aperitif, can keep up with turkey and sweeter sides and can take you straight through dessert where it will pair beautifully with apple pie, creme brulee or even chocolate. All without being heavy or cloying on a day when excess is the norm.



750 ml Bottle

Blend into hot spicy chai or have dessert in a glass

The delectable flavors of horchata and fine Caribbean Rum come together in this rich, cinnamon inflected cordial. Pour RumChata over ice for a satisfying after dinner drink that tastes like sweet, liquid rice pudding. Or brew a hot cup of chai, add some RumChata and float away on a sweet, creamy cloud while someone else does the dishes.


North Coast Old Stock Ale

4 Pack of 12 oz Bottle

Great with pumpkin or pecan pie

Old Stock Ale pours copper in color and offers aromas of raisin, plum, and apricot. Medium-full in body, it delivers deep malt complexity, with pronounced date and fig. The finish is lengthy and layered, offering notes of vanilla bean, brown sugar, pecan, and nutmeg. A fine accompaniment to just about any traditional Thanksgiving dish, but it pairs especially well with pumpkin and pecan pie.


Chateau Suduiraut Sauternes 2011

375 ml Bottle

Pair with an almond and pear tart or a piquant roquefort

Loaded to the hilt with honey drizzled pear, spiced baked apple and juicy tropical mango as well as hints of saffron, ginger and almond blossom. The complexities of this super concentrated dessert wine are a pleasure to unravel but it really shines next to pungent after dinner cheeses or a luscious pear frangipane tart. Truly a world class dessert wine!


Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream Liqueur

750 ml Bottle

Pour it in coffee or serve with holiday cookies

Straight Kentucky Bourbon is the star of this sweet creamy concoction, lending its signature warming glow as well as layers of nutty, buttery, chocolatey toffee, vanilla, caramel and baking spice. Pour it in coffee after dinner or serve on the rocks with an assortment of holiday cookies. So indulgent!

Baileys Chocolate Liqueur

750 ml Bottle

Sip over ice or add it to a rich chocolatey pie

The rich, creamy pleasure of Original Baileys Irish Cream enhanced by fine Belgian chocolate makes for a cream liqueur lover's dream! Baileys Chocolate Liqueur delivers a silky smooth, delightfully decadent, notably nutty, chocolate chiffon wave of pleasure across the tongue backed by the gentle warmth of Irish Whiskey. Excellent over ice or added to pies, milkshakes, truffles... All Baileys Flavors are on sale now!
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Cave Spring Cellars Riesling Icewine 2019

375 ml Bottle

Fantastic with sweet/tart desserts made with cranberries or tart tatin

Riesling grown on Canada’s chilly Niagara Peninsula is left to hang on the vine until handpicked under frigid, wintery conditions. The fruit is then pressed frozen, leaving water behind in the form of ice. Each grape yields a glistening drop of hyper concentrated, sugar and acid rich syrup that will slowly ferment to yield this magical elixir. This incredible dessert wine is packed with rich apricot and apple flavors yet zippy acidity keeps things ultra fresh and focused making it an otherworldly pairing with cranberry based desserts and tart tatin.

New Holland Dragon's Milk Reserve Double Barrel Coconut collab with Binny's

4 Pack of 12 oz Bottle

A lovely match with all manner of pies

The nose here delivers volumes of bright coconut, accented by vanilla, maple syrup, and a hint of allspice. Thick and creamy upon the tongue, it begins with a burst of coconut, followed by hints of mint and chocolate covered strawberry. The decadent finish delivers bourbon-soaked coconut, followed by chocolate fudge, sarsaparilla, and a hint of cherry. A lovely match for all manner of pies - especially apple, pumpkin, chess, and pecan.