Malbec Argentino's Got Range

This 2024, we celebrate Malbec Argentino, the true protagonist of the history of Argentine Wine. April 17th marks the 14th anniversary of the celebration of Malbec World Day, a global initiative created by Wines of Argentina that seeks to position #MalbecArgentino worldwide.

In this edition of Malbec World Day, you’ll discover why Argentine Malbec is better for the world every time you raise a glass.

Argentine Malbec is a sustainable option. Today, Argentina offers the world a wide range of organic, biodynamic and ecological Malbecs. This is a reflection of the good practices carried out by the Argentine wine industry in environmental, social and economic matters, and its commitment to the community’s well-being.

Day after day, Argentine Malbec raises the flag of triple positive impact and becomes a true agent of change, thus leading the entire Argentine Wine industry.

Malbec Argentino is the most widely cultivated variety in the country, with the highest production and the most demanded internationally. This variety is produced in 17 Argentine provinces and, in each one, it has its own expression. Argentine Malbec identifies and represents Argentina because it is the one that best expresses this land and its complex diversity.

The continuous evolution of Argentine Malbec has led to the constant development of the Argentine wine industry. Argentine Malbec continues to promote the detailed study of the different terroirs from which it emerges and the creativity of Argentine winemakers and producers that make its wide range of styles and profiles possible. There is an Argentine Malbec for every occasion.  

Try #MalbecArgentino, it’s better for the world!


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