Whiskey Hotline Handpicked Round-up - Barrel to Bottle Samples the Latest Single Barrels

Handpicked Whiskey Round-up: Latest Single Barrels

What’s new in Binny’s Handpicked Casks? This is an episode we could probably do every month, because the Whiskey Hotline is always scouring the globe for unique and interesting single barrels. It’s time for the Hotline Handpicked Round-up!

JP Wiser’s Signature Series Binny’s Custom Blend #AA1782
JP Wiser’s Signature Series Binny’s Custom Blend #AA1783
Last year the Whiskey Hotline had a chance to pick barrels with Hiram Walker’s Dr. Don Livermore. Dr. Don is a big brain guy and Hiram Walker is the largest distillery on the continent, so there are a ton of different barrels to choose from.

The Whistler Irish Single Malt Finished in ex-Premier Cru Bordeaux Wine Casks Binny’s Handpicked – This one is a cask-strength Irish Whiskey, which you don’t see very often. It also spent 22 months in a wine casks, which is something you don’t see very often either.

Copper & Cask Bourbon Barrel #MF-763 Florida-aged 6-Year-Old MGP 21% Rye Binny’s Handpicked – The Whiskey Hotline did three casks from this independent bottler based in Florida. All MGP juice, but one was aged in Florida so you’re going to see more extraction than you would in more temperate climates.

Rabbit Hole Cavehill Single Barrel #4 – The Women of Binny’s had a chance to pick three casks from Rabbit Hole last fall. Pat was along on the trip, but only to sign off on the purchase order.

Penelope Bourbon Toasted Char 5 Heavy Toast 6-Year-Old #23-1057 Binny’s Handpicked
Penelope Bourbon Toasted Char 1 Heavy Toast 5-Year-Old #23-1058 Binny’s Handpicked – Penelope is a blended four-grain bourbon. These two along with one other were picked by a Whiskey Hotline weekly study group, Penelope happened to be in town and Pat sprung this on the class when they showed up. In theory you would get more of the toast character from the lower char.

NULU Bourbon Finished in Amburana Barrels Binny’s Handpicked Small Batch – What is amburana? It’s the new hotness in the spirits industry. Amburana is a Brazilian hardwood, and it’s basically like a cheat code. This one smells like cream cheese carrot cake frosting, somehow.

Plantation Rum Single Cask Barbados 11-Year Maury Cask Finished Binny’s Handpicked 2011 – We’re taking a break to the tropics here. This Barbadian rum aged for four years in bourbon casks on Barbados, then six years in cognac casks in France, then finished in a maury casks for 9 months. Maury is a French desert wine that’s not Sauternes.

Duncan Taylor GlenAllachie 14 year old Single Sherry Cask Binny's Handpicked 2008
Duncan Taylor Laphroaig 11 year old Single ex Bourbon Cask Binny's Handpicked 2011
Duncan Taylor Dalmunach 7 year old Single ex Bourbon Cask Binny's Handpicked 2015 – Normally our Scotch handpicks come in the fall because the Whiskey Hotline goes to Scotland in the spring. These are our first casks from Duncan Taylor in 7 years. Included in here is the first Dalmunach to be available in the US.

Mezcal Vago Ensamble 40% Tepeztate 40% Mexicano 20% Espadin by Joel Barriga Binny's Batch – Ensamble means a blend of agaves, in this case they were co-fermented and co-distilled. The Tepeztate is the jewel here, because it matures very slowly and it’s mostly harvested wild. Most of that agave is 17-20 years old.

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