The Return of Two Classic German Breweries

With all the amazing new beers on the market today it's easy to overlook some of the classics. We're delighted to announce the return of two classic German breweries. 

The Return of Two Classic German Breweries



 Founded in 1050, Weltenburger has been brewing beer for nearly a millennium! A few of us recently had a chance to visit this historic brewery for a tour like no other. Located on a bend of the Danube River, this historic treasure produces some of the finest beer we?ve ever tasted. 

Asam Bock

Pouring dark chocolate brown in color, the nose on this rich doppelbock offers notes of cocoa, caramelized malt and raisins. Layers of malt richness deliver nearly indescribable complexity without overburdening the palate. The finish offers a myriad of flavors including chocolate, walnut, fig and sweet baking spice. This is one of the best, if not the best doppelbock on the shelf. 

Barock Dunkel

Available for the first time in six packs, this luscious German dunkel is a wonderful reminder that beer can be dark without being heavy. Malt forward with lovely chocolate aromas and flavors it finishes with just a touch of sweetness. A must try with grilled chicken and steak. 

Anno 1050

Also available for the first time in six packs, this satisfying lager commemorates the year of their founding. Labeled as a marzen, it?s much lighter in color than most marzens on the market today, but is still rich in body with hops playing second fiddle to a nice biscuity malt sweetness. 


 Flensburger is one of the oldest independent and family owned breweries left in Germany. Steadfast in their refusal to adopt crown caps, their distinctive swingtop bottles contain impeccably brewed examples of classic German styles. 


Naturally cloudy and highly aromatic, this classic German Hefeweizen is so spot on it leaves very little left to be desired. Deliciously light and creamy, its bright yeasty banana esters pair well with its lovely spicy finish. 


Much drier than Weltenburger?s Barock Dunkel, this dunkel displays a pronounced earthiness with hints of oak and leather complimenting a pleasing minerality on the finish. 


Less hoppy than pilsner, but a bit drier than a helles, this golden elixir is a refreshing return to basics. Light, crisp and clean; this is an amazingly drinkable brew.