Get Your Glass in Gear II - Barrel to Bottle Scientifically Samples Spirits

Scientifically Sampling Spirits

A few weeks ago, Roger had us trying different beers out of different glasses. It was an enlightening experience and inspired Pat to do a similar episode with various spirits in three different glasses, along with a control plastic tumbler.

The Spirits:

Clark & Sheffield Bottled in Bond Bourbon – this is the latest addition to the Clark & Sheffield Bourbon portfolio, and this isn’t the first time we’ve had it on the podcast.

Rye & Sons Rye Whiskey – This is a collaboration between Pinhook and a famous sommelier. This is a Kentucky-style rye, which means lower rye content. It's also only $29.99 everyday! 

Bruichladdich Scottish Barley ‘The Classic Laddie’ – Pat loves Bruichladdich for many reasons, one of which is that they bottle at 100 proof. This is unpeated and non-chill filtered.

Lagavullin 8 Year Old – This is one of Pat’s favorite everyday scotches. It’s a higher proof than the 16, it’s peated, and it’s at an incredible price.

Terralta Tequila Reposado – This is one of the best tequilas we have. It’s light in color due to it being additive-free and aged in very used oak barrels.

The Glasses

Glencairn Crystal Blenders Malt Nosing Glass – This is the go-to glass for the Whiskey Hotline whenever they sample anything.

Glencairn Malt Mixer – The Mixer is also called the Canadian Whiskey Glass and looks a bit like a miniature wine carafe.

Glencairn Spirits Copita – The Copita looks like a mini wine glass, or a Sherry glass. 

Also this week, a listener wants to know what about the upper limits of aging beer in wood.

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