Easy-Going Outdoor Drinkin' Wines - Barrel to Bottle Goes on a Picnic

Easy-Going Outdoor Drinking Picnic Wines

The wine department finally brought in a respectable amount of wine for a podcast. It’s not quite a full Brophy’s worth, but they’re stepping up their game for tasty summer wines that will go great with picnics. Don’t say porch pounders though! These are easy-going, outdoor drinkin’ wines that are off the beaten path.

Pascal Arnoux Bourgogne Aligoté 2021 – Aligoté is Burgundy’s other white grape. This is a more accessible Burgundy, although there aren’t many wines made with the grape so you have to search for it. This is a crisp, high-acid wine.

Mr. Brightside Gamay Noir Blanc 2022 – A Noir and a Blanc?!What is this absurd wine? This wine from the Central Coast in California is one of the few places you’ll find granite soils. Gamay loves granite.

Mulderbosch Chenin Blanc 2022 – Chenin Blanc is hugely popular in South Africa. They grow more of it than in its homeland, the Loire.

Brooks Amycas White 2022 – This is an Oregon wine, made in the classic Alsatian field-blend style. Hence the bottle shape. It might not be a true field blend though. 

Domaine Confuron Gindre Coteaux Bourgogne 2020 – This is another Burgundy oddball. This appellation allows for grapes other than Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. This is a blend of Pinot Noir and Gamay, which is huge in Beaujolais of course.

Caruso e Minini Frappato 2021 – This is a blend of Nerello Mascalese and Frappato from Sicily. These are two grapes that you probably will not find anywhere outside of Sicily. A very floral wine that would probably work any time of year.

Domaine de Saint Just Saumur Rouge Les Terres 2021 – A Cab Franc from the Loire is going to give you less of the green herbaceous quality. It’s a chillable wine, perfect for summer.

Meinklang Prosa Rosé Frizzante Natural 2022 – This goes to show you that Natural wines do not have to embrace traditional wine flaws. They can be delicious and still be biodynamic.

Renardat Fache Initiale Cerdon de Bugey – This is a unique wine with a unique profile that some people might not be able to wrap their heads around. It’s a sweet, sparkling wine that a lot of customers will really like.

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