Barrel to Bottle: Czech Dark Lagers

Czech Dark Lager is a thing, Roger isn’t just willing it into existence. Over the past year many local breweries have paid homage to the style.

This week, Roger brought in a Brophy’s worth of Czech Dark Lagers, both local and imported, for a blind taste test. We’re also pairing these beers with walnuts, Arkansas Black apples, smoked goose breast and two kinds of cheese. Na zdraví!

  1. Lev Lion Dark Lager
  2. Dovetail Czech Dark Lager
  3. Praga Dark Lager
  4. Half Acre Czech Dark Lager
  5. Off Color Ten Crowns Czech Dark Lager
  6. BrouCzech Dark Lager
  7. Art History Vařitace
  8. Revolution Pragueress
  9. Samson Dark Lager
  10. Hopewell Certified Czech Dark Lager
  11. Art History Wenceslas

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