Binny's Home Bartender: Cucumber Basil Gin Rickey

The classic Gin Rickey is the perfect summer refresher. Just a handful of ingredients and the lack of any sugar make the Rickey so pure, so clean and so very quenching that a second is hard to resist. Not only that, it’s a low-calorie cocktail that lovers of hard seltzer will find familiar, delicious, and easy to make and modify.

This version ups the refreshment factor by combining cooling cucumber and anisey basil with the bracing botanical character of St. George Botanivore Gin. The end result is the kind of invigorating, citrusy and perfectly piney potation that summer sipping demands.

Cucumber Basil Gin Rickey



  1. Squeeze juice from the lime half into a highbalglass then drop it in with the juice. Muddle lime with a slice of cucumber and basil leaves. Add Gin. 
  2. Fill glass with icetop with soda and give a quick stir. 
  3. Add lime wheels and remaining cucumber slice to the glass and garnish with basil sprig. 

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