Byron Copeland - Barrel to Bottle Welcomes Jack Daniel's Jack-of-all-Trades

Byron Copeland - Jack Daniel's Jack-of-all-Trades

Byron Copeland has worn a lot of hats at the Jack Daniel's Distillery. He started in their cooperage, where he led teams in various points of the barrel making process from making heads, to hoops, to toasting, charring, and seasoning of barrels. He’s now an ambassador for Jack Daniel’s and Manager of Leadership Acceleration and Maturation Innovation.

Byron is also a master taster and conducts barrel selections, including Binny’s Handpicked single barrels with the Whiskey Hotline. Luckily for Greg, Byron brought along some bottles to taste.

Jack Daniel’s Bonded – This was the top whiskey on Whisky Advocate’s Top 20 of 2022, so we’ve already tried this one in a previous episode.

Jack Daniel’s Triple Mash – When we had Lexie Phillips on the podcast, this was a favorite among the Barrel to Bottle Crew. This is a bonded whiskey, with three separately aged distillates aged in their own barrels and then blended.

Jack Daniel’s Bonded Rye – This rye is the same recipe that can be found in the rye portion of the Triple Mash. There are really high levels of rye in here, but the spiciness is surprisingly tame.

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