Binny's Home Bartender: Derby Mint Julep

The mint julep has been a smash for centuries due to its potent yet supremely refreshing profile. Variations abound but the Bourbon-based refresher we all know and love has really solidified its status as an American classic since it became inextricably linked to the Derby back in the 1930s. It is now utterly unthinkable to let a Derby Day go by without enjoying a Julep or two. For those of us who have watched as mint has taken over our herb gardens this is just the starting gate for a Julep filled summer. That is definitely a hands down win! 


Derby Mint Julep



Gently muddle mint leaves and simple syrup in a julep cup or old-fashioned glass. Fill generously with crushed ice and top with Bourbon. Stir until well chilled and a frost forms on the cup. Garnish with large mint sprig. 

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