Binny’s Beverage Depot Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon Birthday Bellini (75th Anniversary Edition)

The Binny’s Home Bartender, as that most prestigious of monikers implies, is exceedingly comfortable mixing up and enjoying a cocktail or two while in repose on the old living room sofa. Or on the porch or patio. Or perhaps in the parlor or pool. In the laundry room, breakfast nook, butler’s pantry, linen closet, the dusty attic, the dark and dank basement, laying on our back in bed...You know, at home.

But every once in a while, we seek respite and refreshment in that other coziest of spots, the barroom stool. A welcoming home away from home, where the drinks are expertly made, the bartender is your best friend, even upon first meeting, and the conversation stimulating, if not always well reasoned.

So, it came to pass that your humble narrator, the Binny’s Home Bartender, in a fit of ennui and suffering from a severe case of mixologist’s wrist (all that stirring and shaking – right?) was leisurely ensconced at Binny’s very own Lincoln Park Tasting Room; That dramatic, high ceilinged, red brick, ivy covered, former Chicago pumping station turned temple of expertly mixed cocktails, domicile of  draught beer and dispenser of fine wine from a fancy Cruvinet preservation system.

We were anxious for someone else to make us a drink while our own precious wrist sat on the sidelines, recuperating. The Binny’s Home Bartender perused the list of craft cocktails but, ever the impish instigator, instead of selecting from those delightful offerings we challenged bartenders Mel and Justin to create something just for us. Why not something fun and fizzy to celebrate Binny’s 75th anniversary of serving Chicagoland and now much of the state?

Always passively (or is it intrusively?) helpful from our perch on the barstool, we mentioned that the Bellini was also introduced to the world in 1948, so why not a Tasting Room take on that popular classic? A few whispered words between Mel and Justin, a quick back of the napkin calculation, some pouring and vigorous shaking, more pouring and careful garnishing later we had in front of us a Binny’s Beverage Depot Bardstown Bourbon Birthday Bellini. A boozy riff on the original that both surprised and delighted for its soft peachy bubble, bright citrusy lift and explosive depth charge of bourbon. Why yes, we will have another, the store is open until 9. No hurry.

They made it look so easy, and it is. So, that’s another Binny’s original we will be mixing up at home. You should too, but if you also have a compromised wrist, are a barstool bloviator, a roadhouse raconteur or simply a parched patron on par with Binny’s Home Bartender, stop in to the Tasting Room and order from the menu, have a Birthday Bellini or have them mix up whatever suits your fancy. Justin, Mel and the whole staff are waiting just for you, or at the very least it will feel that way.

Never been to this cathedral of cocktails? All it takes is some intrepid wandering through our giant Marcey Street location. By all means, browse beer, wonder at whiskey, be wowed by thousands of wines, meander through the Champagne Room, past the temperature controlled fine wine cellar and you will eventually find yourself in the friendly confines of the Tasting Room. It’s open, unless it has been booked for private use, Thursday & Friday 2-8pm, Saturday 11-8pm and Sunday 12-5pm.

When the Tasting Room is open, can one really say they have experienced Binny’s Lincoln Park without stopping in for a pre, mid or post shopping restorative? You can even load your cart, beverage in hand. Did Armstrong and Aldrin stay in the Lunar Module, content that they had landed on the moon? No! Did Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary stop short of Everest’s summit, figuring that 10 feet below the top of the world afforded them a fine view? No! So why, dear shopper, would you stop short of glory? Shop to your heart’s content, but for goodness sake, come plant your flag and have a drink in the Tasting Room!


Here is the exact Tasting Room recipe.




  1. Rub the rim of a Champagne flute with lemon, rim with Tajin. (optional) 
  2. Add bourbon, lemon juice and peach puree to a shaker with ice. 
  3. Shake until well chilled, strain into prepared flute. 
  4. Top with chilled Prosecco. 
  5. Add a couple dashes of peach bitters and garnish with a lemon twist or wedge. 

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