What is Zinfandel and how does it taste?

Zinfandel is a migrant red wine varietal that made it big in America. Originally from Croatia, zinfandel found success and a new home in northern California. Its broad appeal is due to its upfront, brambly, red and black fruit notes. Better examples offer even more flavors: black pepper, cloves, cinnamon, chocolate, or even violets and roses. Soft, round, and fruit-driven, zinfandels and their charms are undeniable.

Where is zinfandel grown?

Today little zinfandel is grown in Croatia. Though you’ll find small pockets of the varietal grown in warmer wine regions throughout the world, zinfandel is found largely in southern Italy (where it’s known as primitivo) and throughout California. 

Some popular zinfandel producers:
What food pairs well with zinfandel?

Think meat when it comes to zinfandel. Smoked meat or sweet & spicy BBQ definitely calls for a fruit-driven red like a zinfandel. As does a burger with all the fixings. It’s also the ideal red to serve with turkey and all the sides that you enjoy on Thanksgiving Day. And there’s no better red to enjoy with a meaty pasta dish or a pizza topped with sausage or pepperoni.