What is malbec and how does it taste?

Malbec is Argentina’s foremost red wine varietal. Wines made with malbec are deeply colored and fruit-driven, offering notes ranging from bright red fruit to blueberry and blackberry flavors. Many examples are spicy and even chocolatey, and the best examples reveal a violet note in the finish. Often round and rich with smooth tannins on the palate, a malbec wine is a crowd pleaser.

Where is malbec grown?

Malbec first gained fame in the Cahors region in France, where malbec wines are big and burly with loads of black fruit, savory herbs and spices, and formidable tannins. You’ll also find small quantities of malbec in Bordeaux, where it’s one of the region’s permitted red varietals. In Argentina, malbec is often grown at higher altitudes, leading to brighter fruit flavors, silky tannins, and a lingering floral note in the finish.

Some popular malbec producers:
What food pairs well with malbec?

Lighter bodied malbecs with more red-toned fruit flavors pair beautifully with roasted root vegetables, chicken, pork, charcuterie, or burgers. Pair roasted beef, steak, lamb, venison, and asado (Argentina’s national dish) with fuller bodied malbec wines. And a Cahors will shine with pan-roasted duck breasts or cassoulet.