"Grenache does not produce wines for the faint-hearted...."
Tim Atkin, Master of Wine

Its very best examples are some of the wine world's most luxurious wines. Soft and full-bodied? Bursting at the seams. Riotously flavored with baskets full of bold red and black fruit, dashes of exotic spices, and alluring lavender notes if you're lucky? In spades. Head-spinning and high in alcohol? Consider yourself warned! A Grenache-based wine is all of this. And more. Today's offer features two telling examples from France - one from Gigondas and the other from Chateauneuf-du-Pape, two of the greatest sites in Southern Rhone. Which for many is ground zero for other-worldly examples of Grenache. Both are on sale and limited in stock, so BUY NOW!