"Portuguese wines are now some of the most exciting (and underpriced) in the world."
Food & Wine Magazine


"....a historic region offering a winning combination of value for money and lush approachable wine styles."
Rose Murray Brown Master of Wine, on Portugal's Dao Region

Bad weather, lengthy paperwork, a stretched and overworked supply chain - sometimes delays are unavoidable. Meaning for us a long overdue and unexpectedly huge drop of wine cases with little room to hold it. So as painful as it is we need to move as much of today's offer as we can - our loss, your gain! But the steep price drop is good for THROUGH MARCH 4, so without further ado....

Today's offer is yet another great example of what Portugal's Dao region does best - criminally underpriced, over-the-top reds. Surrounded on all sides by mountains, the Dao's vineyards are sheltered from Atlantic and continental storms, meaning rainfree, sundrenched days and cool nights. It's a rare and magical combination of factors that yield vivacious reds with supercharged flavors. The Tinta Azul is STACKED with all the hard hitting fruit flavors that you could want, and more!