“These are not wines for wimps. If you don’t like reds with lots of body, guts, flavour and – dare I say it – alcohol, then Argentinian reds are probably not for you.”
Tim Atkin, Master of Wine

We’ll say it again: body, guts, flavour. What more could you want? How about this: a criminally underpriced reds that seriously overdelivers. Today's offer, the 2019 Ceibo Malbec, is yet another great example of what Argentina does best - supercharged reds selling for a song. Like Napa, Argentina's vineyards are drenched with sunlight. What elevates Argentina above even Napa are its high altitude vineyards, whose cool and relatively rainfree environment is a boon for Malbec. It's that rare, magical combination of cool, sunny, rain-free days that yield vivacious reds bursting with all the flavors that you love. Today's offer is pure pleasure AND a steal for the price!