Vin De France

Vin De France

The national French denomination dedicated to grape varietal wines.

Vin De France is the new generation of French wines, empowering winemakers to embrace the core concepts of Liberty, Quality and Creativity:

Liberty for winemakers to break the established rules and follow their own choices of vine management and winemaking.

Accessible French Quality – Vin De France wines are known for their French savoir-faire, with an excellent price quality ratio. Winemakers have the freedom to source the best quality grapes for their wines, regardless of region.

The Vin De France denomination also allows winemakers to explore their creativity. They have the freedom to blend grapes across all French regions, blend the same varietal harvested from different regions, or blend local, lesser known grape varieties along with the more well-known French varietals. With such a diversity of wine profiles, there is something for every consumer and every occasion!

Vin De France Wines are accessible:

The labels are modern, creative and above all easy to understand. The varietal is on the label, so the consumer knows exactly what they are getting. Vin De France offers affordable pricing for quality wines made with the savoir-faire of French winemakers. Vin De France varietal wines offer consistent flavor profiles across grape varieties. Check out Anivin de France’s aroma game to learn more: Click Here

Customers agree that Vin De France wines offer a great quality-price ratio. Below are some testimonials from Binny’s customers:

  • “Lovely wines - I really like how affordable these wines are!”
  • “Great approachable French wines!”
  • “It's good to see the French making their labels easier to understand.”
  • "I love French wines. These are nice.”
  • “I thought French wines were more expensive. They’re so nice and light.”
  • "These prices points are very affordable and the wines overall tastes great. Good stuff here today.”