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The Whiskey Hotline team is on a never ending mission. We scour the world for the most interesting, unique and best barrels of whiskey we can find. This can take us to Scotland, Taiwan, Washington, Tennessee, Kentucky... Wherever there’s good whiskey to be found, we’ll find the best of it and bring it to you at the best price we can.

A Scotch Whisky 70 Years in the Making

Way back in 1948, at the corner of Clark and Sheffield, Harold Binstein opened his first store, selling produce and pints of liquor. To celebrate our 70th year in business, we partnered with our friends at Compass Box to create a whisky befitting Harold’s legacy. After several cold and damp trips to the Compass Box offices in London, and much trial and error, we are proud to present Compass Box Gold Standard, a unique blended Scotch whisky for this special Binny’s anniversary.

A blend of this quality is of course made from equally stunning parts. The base third of the blend is 1994 vintage Clynelish. Another 30%, this one a French oak vatting of 9 to 14 year old Clynelish malts, adds some more spice and ripe fruits. Heavily sherried Teaninich from 2003 brings dried fruit complexity. The sole grain whisky component, 15% of the total, is a 28 year old Port Dundas. About 6% of the total is teenage Ardbeg and Caol Ila that gives a core of gentle smoke throughout.

Compass Box Gold Standard Binny's Anniversary Selection

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The nose opens with dried fruits like raisins, plums, and figs, a bit of old tobacco and a light touch of smoke. Ripe and tropical aromas emerge after several minutes in the glass tempered by some earthy peat notes. Just a gorgeous and deep nose. The palate unwinds in similar fashion as waves of fruits, baking spices, oak, vanilla, toffee and gentle peat wash over the tongue. These complex layers of rich fruit and oak spice complement and balance each other throughout an enduring finish. A whisky very much worth drinking that you will find only at Binny’s.

In Stores Now! Elijah Craig Handpicks

7 new barrels of handpicked Elijah Craig Small Batch have just arrived with 3 more coming this week. All of these barrels are classic EC and have a wonderful balance of sweet vanilla oak, ripe fruit, cinnamon and a touch of herbal mint. Selection varies by store, so stop into your local Binny's to see which of these gems they have.

Handpicked Buffalo Trace – Now In Stock!

Just in time for the holidays, our latest 25 barrel handpicked small batch of Buffalo Trace bourbon is here. We always remain loyal to the classic BT profile of cherries, toffee, baking spice and vanilla but look for barrels that exhibit deeper flavors and a fuller body.

A Double Helping of Rye Whiskey

The perfect gift for the rye fanatic, a bottle each of High West’s Double Rye and Rendezvous Rye in a high-quality wooden gift box. Double Rye is a versatile and punchy whiskey, perfect for classic cocktails or sippin’ over ice. Rendezvous has older rye whiskey in the blend that softens the rye spice a bit and gives more body to the whiskey.

One of Bourbon’s Best Kept Secrets at an Unbeatable Price

1792 from the Barton distillery in Bardstown, Kentucky is one of the hidden gems in the bourbon aisle. For years it has been a reliable go-to for those in the know and a personal favorite of the Whiskey Hotline. A gentle bourbon with deep and complex flavors and bottled at a barely noticeable 93.7 proof. It’s been years since we were able to offer this staff favorite at a price this low.

Small Batch 1792 Ridgemont Reserve


Regular Price $29.99 Special Price $26.99
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On the nose, ripe juicy tropical fruits with a touch of vanilla, allspice and clove. The taste brings vanilla- soaked mango slices, caramelized pineapple, banana nut bread, green peppercorn, and some smoky oak spice. The finish is pleasant and warming with the initial hit of tropical fruit fading into oak char, cinnamon, and vanilla. A wonderful bourbon hitting above its weight class.

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Whiskey of the Week

We’ve seen several new releases of bourbons and ryes recently that have been double barrel aged. After aging in a new, charred oak barrel the whiskey is moved into a second new, charred barrel to give deeper and richer oak flavors. More flavorful whiskey, a trend we can all get behind. Knob Creek Rye is the latest to get this treatment in the new, limited edition Twice Barreled Rye.

We sat down with 7th generation Beam Master Distiller Fred Noe this week to get a little more insight into how this limited edition Knob Creek came about. Like the man himself, Fred’s answer was straight and to the point, flavor. He’s always searching for ways to add deeper and richer flavors to the whiskies he creates so a second barrel aging was a natural step for the punchy Knob Creek Rye. “We wanted to make an even more flavorful rye, and this smoothed out some of the rye spice while adding flavor and balancing it out. You get a little more smoothness and it takes the bite out of that rye."

Knob Creek Twice Barreled Rye



The barrel treatment tones down the punchy rye spice a bit on the nose, there’s definitely more charred oak and vanilla nougat peaking through over the bed of spice and mint. The palate is richly textured, no doubt thanks to the 100 proof, and lively layered with oak, vanilla, caramel, baking spices and a touch more of that classic rye mint. The enduring finish showcases more of the rye spice but is still balanced by a deep oak sweetness. An impeccably balanced and elegant rye.

A Hoard of Handpicked Whiskies

It’s the Whiskey Hotline’s mission to find the best of the best single barrel whiskies. We’re constantly tasting barrel samples, and barrels are always on order, but few weeks give us the bounty we have currently. 20 barrels arrived this week showcasing a wide spectrum of whiskey styles. Selection of these varies by store, and they will undoubtedly go fast, so stop into your local Binny’s and grab one of these gems while you can.

Widow Jane

In the Binny’s handpicked barrel program taste comes above all else, even age. So when an opportunity came along to snag some particularly good barrels that also happen to be older than most bourbons on the shelf, we weren’t going to let it pass. 2 barrels of 12 year old bourbon from Brooklyn’s Widow Jane are here, are bottled at 99 proof, and are delicious sippers.

Widow Jane 12 year old Bourbon Single Barrel #79 Binny's Handpicked



On the nose grilled peaches, wildflower honey, toffee, vanilla, and oak char. The taste shows baked apple and peach, red berry, cinnamon sticks and a lingering dose of slightly smoky oak char that balances all the fruits perfectly. The finish is quite nice with a touch of white pepper accompanying dark cacao and clove. A pleasantly aged sipper.

Widow Jane 12 year old Bourbon Single Barrel #106 Binny's Handpicked



More baked orchard fruits on the nose here with a touch of fresh mint, allspice, and clove. The palate gets a bit darker in character as caramel sauce shows up over the apple. Dark chocolate and vanilla candy notes highlight the sweetness but don’t dominate the taste. The finish has dark chocolate and caramel lingering with spicy oak and a bit of minty rye. Chewy, oaky and easy drinking.

Belle Meade

We’ve had plenty of excellent Belle Meade casks over the years, but never one like this. This gem was finished in an XO Cognac cask and the infusion of fruit from that cask has turned an already outstanding bourbon into something special. It’s unchillfiltered and bottled at natural cask strength, 114.8 proof to be exact. You won’t find a handpicked barrel of this whiskey anywhere else.

Belle Meade Bourbon Finished in XO Cognac Select Cask #4915 Binny's Handpicked



The nose shows familiar bourbon flavors with a twist. Baked apple pie, a touch of red berry, some darker dried fruits and a bit of oak spice. On the palate baked apples, cherry pie, dried orange segments, and baking spices. The finish is gorgeous and practically unending with oak, vanilla, pepper and pleasant, ripe fruits lingering.


The last time we picked a barrel of Wathen’s bourbon it sold out in only a few days. Thankfully they let us have a second barrel this time around so we could spread the love. Wathen’s is one of the best kept secrets in the bourbon aisle. It’s well balanced between oak and corn sweetness and has a nice chewy texture. The price is nice, and bourbon is even better.

Wathen's Single Barrel Bourbon #3496 Binny's Handpicked



On the nose fresh sliced pears, vanilla cake, caramel nougat, red cherry, and baking spice. The taste turns to chocolate covered cherries, caramel, vanilla, toffee, and a bit of smoky oak. The finish is persistent with sweet caramelized fruits lingering in dark chocolate sauce. Gorgeous bourbon.

Wathen's Single Barrel Bourbon #3615 Binny's Handpicked



Ripe apples, vanilla bean and clove open the nose followed closely by oak spice and berries. On the palate, baked berry pie and orchard fruits lead with a solid backbone of cinnamon and clove. The finish lingers and highlights the sweeter flavors like vanilla and caramel first with spice and fruit fading. Wonderful sipping bourbon.