Frequently Asked Questions


Forgot my password

We will e-mail you a temporary password which you can use to Sign In. Once you have signed in using the temporary password you can click on Edit My Account to change the temporary password. If you have not previously registered an e-mail address you must Create an Account.

Manage my account information

If you have a registered e-mail and password Sign In and then click on My Account at the top left corner of the of website.

Delete my account

In order to delete your account, login via the Login Page. Once logged in, click on My Account at the top left corner of the of website. Then click on the Delete Account button. We will send you a confirmation code via email. Enter in the code and click on Check Code. You account will be deleted within 8 days.


Setting my e-mail preferences

Binny's sends out different types of e-mails, ranging from coupons and sales to the latest news. You may not receive what you are interested in unless you request them. Don't miss out. Sign In, then go to My Account, then click on E-mail Preferences to manage your preferences.

Create an account

To create an account click here. Follow the instructions and enter in the required information.

What are your shipping policies?

You can view our shipping policies here: Policies

Can I place an order for a store to have ready upon my arrival?

At you can shop online with any of our Binny's superstores. Click on Change Store and select which store you would like to pick up your order from. We will process your order and contact you when it's ready.

Can I look up a previous order or the status of a current order?

Yes. Sign In, click on My Account, then scroll down to Order History.

How do I delete a list?

Login to your account and select "My Lists" from the right hand side navigation. You can then click "Delete This List" on the list you would like to remove. Note: The list titled "My Favorites" is a default list and cannot be removed.


Binny’s Card FAQ


What is a Binny’s Card?

The Binny’s Card is our long running discount and rewards program.

How much does it cost to join? Is it a credit card?

Signing up for a Binny’s Card is free, and it’s not a credit card.

How do I sign up for a Binny’s Card?

You can sign up at the register at any Binny’s Beverage Depot location, or by creating an account on

Do I get an actual card?

We phased out the physical cards. It’s better for the environment, we can save you more money, and it’s easy to find your account at the register. If you’d like to carry a digital version of the Binny’s Card, download the Binny’s App for iOS and Android.

I lost my card! Can I get a replacement?

See above. We phased out physical cards. We’ll still be able to find your account at the register.

How do I use my Binny’s Card?

If you’re shopping inside a Binny’s location, we can find your account at the register using your phone number. To shop with it online, and to apply your card to your shipping, in store or curbside pick up order, be sure to sign in to before you place your order.

How do I earn Binny's points?

You earn a point for each dollar you spend on eligible wine purchases at Binny’s (before tax). 

What are my points worth?

Once you earn 500 points, you’ll automatically get $10 off your next purchase at Binny’s, no matter what you buy. Binny’s Card points never expire.

I think I have two different Binny’s Cards. How can I check? Can I combine them?

The next time you visit your favorite Binny’s location, stop by the service counter and we’ll be able to verify your information and merge accounts if needed.

Do Binny’s Express Delivery or Instacart purchases collect points?

Sorry, delivery orders placed through and Instacart are not eligible to earn Binny’s Card points, though we do offer our best Binny’s Card prices through these delivery services.