Discover the Wines of Rioja


Discover the Wines of Rioja!

Located in North Central Spain, Rioja is recognized as one of the top wine regions globally and is home to Spain's finest wines. Rioja’s beauty and bounty have drawn master chefs, writers and wine aficionados there for generations. With over 600 wineries, Rioja offers a style for every wine lover – from fresh and juicy whites, to crisp rosés, to complex, barrel-aged red wines. 


Here you will find the most food-friendly wines in the world. Rioja wines are perfect when you want that restaurant quality food-and-wine experience – at home! A well balanced and versatile grape, Tempranillo is Rioja's hallmark varietal.  Reservas and Gran Reservas bring out the best in savory meals like grilled steaks or lamb chops while lightly chilled young reds like Crianzas pair well with simple pastas with light sauces. Rosé wines are the perfect choice for any get-together, pairing well with salads and charcuterie. Rioja whites provide perfect acidity for any seafood dish. Enjoy!


Rioja Wine Growing Map


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