Get to know Rioja

Spain's Premier Wine Region

From grilling to warm weather picnics, Rioja offers some of the best wines for a wide range of food pairings. This famed Spanish wine region’s natural bounty and historical abundance of local pig and sheep farms have influenced a long and rich tradition of grilling in Rioja. Full of succulent red berries and spice, Riojas have silky texture and balanced acidity. The wines will soften well-seasoned or spicy foods, but also couple harmoniously with the natural smokiness of BBQ and grilling spices like cumin and coriander.

Rioja, known for Tempranillo, is Spain’s premier food & wine region and home to the country’s most exclusive wines. This high standard of quality and the region’s abundance and beauty have drawn master chefs, writers and designers there for decades. There are close to 600 wineries in Rioja, offering a style for every wine lover – from fresh and juicy whites, to crisp rosés, to complex, barrel-aged red wines. These wines are famous throughout the world for their quality, complexity, elegance, and particularly for their excellent aging potential. Visit to learn more.

Try a few of these food pairing suggestions at home with Rioja. You can find these wines here!

BLANCO: Sip while you cook or try with grilled chicken, roasted beet & goat cheese salad, shrimp cocktail, prosciutto-wrapped cantaloupe and halibut with black pepper and lemon.

ROSÉ: A perfect warm weather thirst quencher! Try with fresh goat cheese, peppered tuna sashimi, beet & feta salad or fish tacos.

COSECHA: Young & fresh, this wine drinks nicely on its own and pairs well with grilled veggies, buffalo wings and grilled turkey sausage.

CRIANZA: Rioja’s everyday wine. Pair with burgers, lamb chops, pork sausage, grilled eggplant, pimentón-rubbed chicken thigh, veggie burgers and Manchego cheese.

RESERVA: A perfect gift for the hosts! Try this with bone-in ribeye or chicken, burger with foie gras, grilled lamb, spicy chorizo and BBQ beef brisket.

The wines of Rioja
Get to know Rioja