Malbec Argentino's Got Range

This 2023, we celebrate MALBEC ARGENTINO CHAMPION!  April 17th marks the 13th anniversary of the celebration of Malbec World Day, a global initiative created by Wines of Argentina that seeks to position #MalbecArgentino worldwide.

In each edition we discover new reasons that reinforce its title of undisputed champion. A leadership that wine lovers and Malbec fans see every time they raise a glass.

Malbec Argentino is the most widely cultivated variety in the country, with the highest production and the most demanded internationally. A varietal that identifies and represents Argentina because it is the one that best expresses the characteristics of this land and its complex diversity. 

This variety is produced in 17 Argentine provinces and, in each one, it has its own expression. But the transformation of the wine industry through research and innovation of their producers, opened the doors for infinite Malbec profiles depending on the type of soil, climate, proximity to the Andes Mountains or the Atlantic Ocean.

The champion (Malbec, of course) is not only a favorite among consumers. The scores and distinctions from wine critics, Masters of Wine, Masters Sommeliers, educators, journalists and global industry leaders reinforce its glory and prestige over time.

Argentina’s flagship variety has also echoed world trends, incorporating sustainability. Today a wide range of organic, ecological and biodynamic Malbecs populate the shelves, reflecting the commitment assumed by Argentina in environmental, social and economic matters.

Try #MalbecArgentino and discover why it’s the champion! 


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