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Warm Weather Wines: Porch Pounders, Gazebo Guzzlers & Barbecue Bangers

Porch Pounders, Gazebo Guzzlers & Barbecue Bangers: Barrel to Bottle Sips Warm Weather Wines

Porch Pounders, Gazebo Guzzlers, Barbecue Bangers. This week on Barrel to Bottle we have wines for every warm weather occasion.
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Delicious Czech Roast Duck Recipe

Demo Kitchen Recipes: Czech Roast Duck

We're experiencing a welcome Czech Dark Lager revival in craft beer, so how about the perfect pairing of Czech Roast Duck to go with it?
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The Perfect Wines for Thanksgiving Pairing

The Best Wines for Thanksgiving

Thirteen Thanksgiving wine pairings for your upcoming holiday feast.
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Demo Kitchen Recipes: Delicious German Sauerbraten

Demo Kitchen Recipes: Sauerbraten

Whether you're longing for a bygone summer or barreling headlong into fall, Oktoberfest is a time to celebrate. Bridge the seasons with this recipe for Sauerbraten.
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Fresh Garden Gazpacho Recipe

Demo Kitchen Recipes: Garden Gazpacho

The Binny’s Demo Kitchen recipe for classic Spanish gazpacho is a cool, refreshing seasonal delight full of garden-fresh tomatoes, cucumber and peppers.
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Easy-Going Outdoor Drinking Picnic Wines

Easy-Going Outdoor Drinkin' Wines - Barrel to Bottle Goes on a Picnic

Garden Guzzlers, Mortadella Mates, Sandwich Sippers...whatever you call them just don't call them Porch Pounders. Affordable, easy-going wines for warm weather or really any weather.
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The Summer of Cheladas Cocktail Recipe

A Lotta Chelada - Barrel to Bottle Declares This the Summer of Cheladas

Barrel to Bottle is declaring this the Summer of the Chelada.
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Cool Red Wines for the Hot Days Ahead

Cool Reds for the Hot Days Ahead

A crisp white wine or a fruity rose is one of the many pleasures of summer. But don’t forget, there are plenty of red wines that are just as enjoyable throughout the warm spring and summer months.
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Gourmet Recipe: Risi e Bisi is a Venetian springtime classic

Demo Kitchen Recipes: Risi e Bisi

Risi e Bisi is a Venetian springtime classic and an iteration of the humble, ubiquitous combo of protein, legumes and rice.
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Delicious Pepper & Egg Sandwich Recipe - A Chicago Classic

Demo Kitchen Recipes: Pepper & Egg Sandwich - A Chicago Classic

Meatless Fridays or Meatless always? Try this recipe for a Chicago classic, the Pepper & Egg Sandwich.
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