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Demo Kitchen Recipes: Shepherd's Pie

Celebrate Pi Day and St. Patrick's Day with this crossover recipe for Shepherd's Pie.
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Demo Kitchen Recipe: Coconut & Banana Cream Pie

Two pies are always better than one. We submit as proof positive this mashup of two classic cream pies. We round it all out with plenty of chocolate to make the sum exponentially greater than its parts.
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Demo Kitchen Recipe: St. Patrick's Day Roasted Salmon Supper

A sophisticated Irish influenced meal full of familiar flavors and perfectly suited for family or a small dinner party - oven roasted salmon with carrot sauce, parsnip puree and caramelized cabbage.  
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Demo Kitchen Recipe: Corned Beef Reuben

Its origins are lost in lore. Some argue that a hotelier deserves the credit for tossing all the ingredients together for a guest, while the guest's descendants argue that it was their forefather who came up with the recipe.
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Demo Kitchen Recipe: Corned Beef Hash

Both crisp and soft, and oh so satisfying, corned beef hash is the PERFECT hangover cure after St. Paddy's Day. Concocted as a cunning means for using leftover meat, hash owes its name to the French word hacher - to chop, the only technique involved in its preparation.
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Demo Kitchen Recipe: Corned Beef and Cabbage

What would St. Paddy's Day be without corned beef and cabbage? Though the Irish certainly enjoy the lion’s share of recognition, immigrant Jews of early 20th century New York City also deserve a larger cut of the credit for what we know today as corned beef
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