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Whiskey Hotline Handpicked Sleepers - Barrel to Bottle Samples Hidden Gems

Barrel to Bottle tastes through twenty Whiskey Hotline Handpicked hidden gems.
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Barrel to Bottle: Rye Whiskey Blind Tasting

Rye Whiskey, it’s a category that is a mystery to a lot of people. “Spicy” is the main descriptor most people have for rye, but there are also sweet ryes and fruity ryes. Join the Barrel to Bottle crew as they blind taste six ryes that run the gamut.
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Sagamore Rye Virtual Tasting

Join the Whiskey Hotline and Sagamore Spirit co-founder and president Brian Treacy for a virtual tasting.
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MGP Rye Virtual Tasting with Sam Schmeltzer

Part 2 in our MGP tasting, this time covering MGP's vaunted Rye whiskies including our new Rossville handpicks with MGP's Sam Schmeltzer
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Celebrate America's Signature Holiday with America's Signature Whiskey: Rye

Bourbon may officially be America's spirit, and the 4th of July our celebration of independence, but two important traditions existed at least as early, if not before.
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Binny's Home Bartender: Lavender in the Rye

Lavender in the Rye is one of our new favorite rye whiskey cocktails and an absolute crowd pleaser. The lavender bitters and sugar cane syrup are excellent additions to the rye.
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