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Demo Kitchen Recipes: Rouladen

Brats, sauerkraut, pretzels and've had all those for Oktoberfest but what about rouladen? Try out the Demo Kitchen's recipe for this thin layers of beef smothered in rich brown gravy. Prost!
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Demo Kitchen Recipe: Obatzda - Bavarian Cheese Spread

Binny’s Demo Kitchen’s delicious and easy recipe for Obatzda, the Bavarian beer and cheese spread served at Oktoberfest. It’s made with Hefeweizen, Marzen, or the German beer of your choosing. It is also great with Gewurztraminer, fruity German Pinot Noir or even Kirshwasser.
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Demo Kitchen Recipe: Oktoberfest Feast

This is an impressive feast fit for King Ludwig, but all the techniques are simple enough. Diners will marvel at the sausage stuffed pork roast while they work out just how you managed to get that sausage in there.
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