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Demo Kitchen Recipes: Tamal Azteca

A great Cinco de Mayo recipe for a big group, the vegetarian-friendly Tamal Azteca tortilla casserole is loaded with smokey spice flavors and pairs great with all of your favorite Cinco de Mayo beverages.
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Demo Kitchen Recipe: Birria

Birria, the deeply soul satisfying Mexican dish of tender slow cooked meat served with a rich savory consommé, has found new life in the hip Instagram-able form of quesatacos. They are attractive and delicious but those in the know didn’t need a trend to remind us of this classic dish from Jalisco (Tequila’s origin as well).
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Demo Kitchen Recipe: Traditional Tacos

For many, tacos are THE definition of Mexican food. Our recipe focuses on the classic preparation. But whatever you prepare as a filling, we STRONGLY suggest skipping the microwave and warming the corn tortillas in the oven.
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