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Art History & the Women of Binny’s Beer Collaboration

Art History & the Women of Binny’s Proudly Present Wry Expression

This summer the Women of Binny’s visited Art History Brewing for their very first collaborative brew.
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Blind Wine Tasting with the Women of Binny’s

Binny's Blind Tasting Panel: Flying Blind with the Women of Binny’s

The Women of Binny's are in the pilot's seat for the latest Binny's Blind Tasting Panel, as they sample Pinot Noir from around the world.
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What's New In Wine - Barrel to Bottle Tries Some Truly Unique Vino

Binny's is on pace to add over 4,000 new wines this year. That means some bottles fly under the radar. This week we've put together a sampling of new wines worth checking out.
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Women of Binny's Spanish Wine & Food Demo

This week the Women of Binny’s got together to explore the art of wine and food pairing. Together we prepped, cooked, and paired Spanish tapas with Spanish wines. We discussed the fundamentals of food and wine pairing and learned essential cooking skills and knife techniques. Keep reading to learn more about our pairings and recipes you can try at home!
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Beaujolais 2020 Preview - Barrel to Bottle Drinks Summer Beaujolais

This week on Barrel to Bottle, check out five Beaujolais from the 2020 vintage that prove it's a great summer wine.
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The Women of Binny's Explore Argentina

The Women of Binny's recently sat down with Veronica Kathuria from Wines of Argentina to explore that country's expansive world of wine. Over a multi-course pairing dinner, they learned more about the wines of Argentina and the women behind them.
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Beaujolais Virtual Tasting

Head to Beaujolais with the Binny's wine team as Alicia and Chris take you on a journey through the region.
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Beaujolais is fresh, fruity, and festive. Beaujolais is an every night delight, priced right. Beaujolais is gravitas and a true expression of terroir. Beaujolais is conviviality; the tie that binds friends, old and new. Beaujolais is family, food, and fun. Most of all, Beaujolais is for sharing, on your best days and every day. 
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Andy Erickson Virtual Tasting

Renowned winemaker, Andy Erickson, carries an impressive Napa resume including time spent at Harlan Estate, Staglin Family Vineyards, and Screaming Eagle.
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Paul Hobbs Virtual Tasting

Join Alicia and one of the most celebrated names in wine, Paul Hobbs, as they taste through some of Paul's most popular wines from California.
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