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Demo Kitchen Recipes: Grilled Margarita Chicken with Black Bean and Corn Salsa and Avocado Crema

Summer break might be winding down, but there's still plenty of time to enjoy this recipe for grilled margarita chicken.
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Demo Kitchen Recipes: Peri Peri Chicken

The spicy, brightly acidic Peri Peri Chicken comes from Portugal, by way of Mozambique. Try it out for your Father's Day meal.
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Demo Kitchen Recipe: Chicken Marsala

This dish is a buttery, mushroomy delight featuring the nutty goodness of Sicily’s famed fortified wine, Marsala. Serve it with pasta, roasted or mashed potatoes and a veggie contorno or two. Pull the cork on a nice Sicilian red made from Nero d’Avola or try a crisp white like Grillo, Inzolia or Catarratto for a memorable pairing.
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Demo Kitchen Recipe: Chicken with Morels in Creamy Vin Jaune Sauce

Mother’s Day is nearly upon us, and mushroom loving moms everywhere are rejoicing the fact that it is also morel season. There are few better ways to showcase the bounty of the season than this simple but incredibly delicious French classic from Jura.
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Demo Kitchen Recipe: Riviera Chicken Salad

Normally we would poach the chicken for this recipe with a bunch of fresh veggies and herbs, but we thought we would make this simply delicious chicken salad even easier by using store bought stock. The result is an incredibly fresh and healthy dish that will serve 4 for lunch.
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Demo Kitchen Recipe: Pan-Seared Chicken Breast with Apples

This dish is full of the wonderful fall flavors, fit for company but easy enough for your average weekend night. Whipped sweet potatoes or wild rice with dried cranberries and pecans would make for perfect seasonal sides.
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