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The Wine Hotline Hits the Road: Bordeaux - Rethinking Sauternes

Sauternes has the unfortunate distinction of being a wine everyone loves, but few people actually drink. It suffers from the perception that wine must be dry to be fine.
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Wine Hotline Hits the Road: Bordeaux - Good and Bad Vintages

“Americans are allergic to bad vintages,” observed one person in Bordeaux during a recent trip. I couldn’t disagree. The view here is often absolute: a vintage is either good or bad. And people don’t want to drink “bad” vintages.
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The Wine Hotline Hits the Road: Bordeaux

As we gear up to focus on Bordeaux for the month of September it seems fitting to recap the annual Binny's en premier trip.
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Barrel to Bottle Episode 38: Claire Villars-Lurton

Claire Villars-Lurton is the embodiment of centuries of Bordeaux winemaking know how. She joins host Kristen to discuss the culture of French winemaking and more.
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