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Barrel to Bottle Episode 21: All Things Cider

This week on Barrel to Bottl we talk to Brian Rutzen, Cider Director/Floor Manager for The Northman in Chicago. He'll dive into the ever-growing world of cider to explain cider's historical roots, common misconceptions about cider, and to taste some unique styles.
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Barrel to Bottle Podcast Episode 20: Valentine's Day Pairings

What's the perfect wine, spirit, or beer to go with your Valentine's Day plans?
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Barrel to Bottle Podcast: Episode 11

Binny's Beverage Depot's beer guru Roger Adamson is back again to join hosts Kristen Ellis and Jeff Carlin with a unique history of lambic beers and to unravel the mystery of gueuze (or Geuze.)
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Barrel to Bottle Podcast: Episode 7

This week, the Barrel to Bottle crew learns how to infuse their own barrel aged stout, using a French Press.
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Barrel to Bottle Podcast: Episode 4

Scarcity in beer. It sounds like an oxymoron, however, when everyone wants to get their hands on the same beer it creates hysteria!
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Beer Buzz: Holiday Favorites

Each year the number of Christmas beers continues to grow. Cold winter weather and decadent dinner parties have inspired everything from rich roasty porters and stouts, to spicy winter warmers and barleywines.
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